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STEP 1: Starting April 14th, you can buy your Flagstaff Fitness Week Punch Card for $80 at any of our participating studios or lululemon Flagstaff. Make sure you've got a Venmo account set up prior to visiting the studio. Don't have Venmo? Find out how to set it up  

STEP 2: You must book your classes to occur April 27th - May 4th, 2019. Learn about each workout, and how to book classes online on our studios page.  You must present your punch card in person at each studio in order to take class.

STEP 3: Attend the kickoff party at Dark Sky Brewing! This event will set the tone for the rest of the week. Meet the studio owners, learn about their unique offerings, and enjoy some beer! You can pick up your goodie bags and there will be opportunities to buy punch passes as well as book your classes!

STEP 4: Take one class at each studio during the week of April 27th - May 4th. Present your punch card in person at each studio and try to get all eight punches for the maximum number of tickets at our end of week raffle! Classes fill up fast so book in advance.

STEP 5: Bring your punch pass in to lululemon Flagstaff once you have 5 out of 8 punches (or more) for 20% off your entire purchase!

STEP 6:  Bring your punch pass to our Closing Party for a chance to win one of our many raffle prizes! You'll get 1 ticket per studio you visited throughout the week so try to hit all eight for the most chances at these amazing prizes! There will be gift cards, class packs, and more.

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